The landscape of Chiang Dao is vast and beautiful, and one great way to experience it is to get on your own wheels, breathe in the open air, and cruise through the outdoors.

This activity is perfect for families and is a medium intensity sport. The day begins with pick-up and transport to a beautiful and unfrequented area of Chiang Dao. There you are provided with mountain bikes and safety helmets. Groups of 2-6 people are supported.

A mountain biking day-trip tour, with an experienced Chiang Dao local as your guide, is also available  for you to opt in to. The tour begins mid-morning at 9am until 3pm. During the tour, you will cycle with the guide over both paved and dirt roads, all surrounded by outstanding scenery. The guide will take you through a unique bicycle trail that includes many breathtaking landscapes, sights and activities along the way. The day will break at lunchtime for a rest stop at a local restaurant to enjoy a delicious traditional meal. In the afternoon, your adventure will take you to a beautiful and secluded waterfall. This scenic tour will give you the opportunity to tour Chiang Dao like a local and to truly immerse yourself in the local Thai culture of Chiang Dao.