Sri Sang Wan Waterfall

Sri Sang Wan Waterfall

One of Pha Daeng National Park’s most popular and easily accessible attractions is the Sri Sang Wan Waterfall, which is located near the park’s visitor centre. This three-tiered waterfall is surrounded by the beautiful tropical rainforest and is worth the short hike from the park’s entrance.

On a hot day Sri Sang Wan is a great place to take a cool dip, but there may be less water in the dry season. We would recommend that to respect local Thai culture you wear some clothes over your bathing suit if swimming in the water.

How to get there: The falls are located in the Pha Daeng National Park, about 2-3 kilometers north of the Pong Arng Hot Springs, and a short walk from the park’s visitor centre. They are about 30km north of Chiang Dao via route 1178.

GPS : 19.629114,98.956292

Admission: The waterfall is included in the price of a day ticket to Pha Daeng National Park. The prices are 100 Baht per adult, 50Baht per child and 20 Baht per motorcycle

Operating days: Monday – Sunday

Operating times: 08.00 – 17.00


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