Cost: Free

Hours: 06:00am to 09:00pm

Find your way to the hot springs by the smell of sulphur and spend your time alternating between the hot tubs and the gentle stream running alongside. There are tubs of many different temperatures to suit you. It’s recommended to switch between the hot tubs and the cool stream. If you are brave you can progress up to the hottest tub, usually the empty one steaming the most visibly!

The atmosphere is relaxed and confidential. Typical times of day to go are mornings and early evenings when the ambient weather is cooler. In the evenings, it is a common sight to see fireflies weaving through the air with a backdrop of the moon and stars.

The local community can be seen regularly attending the hot springs as an outing with their families and friends.

The hot springs are formed from water that has filtered through the mountain’s limestone rock, heated by volcanoes deep underground, and finally, has returned to the surface.

This truly is an attraction not to be missed and is a staple of travelers passing through, particularly as there is no entrance fee. If travelers wish, there are private baths to soak in fall the small fee of 50 Baht for one hour. Towels and coverings are provided.